Bienville Parish Clerk's Office
100 Court House Drive
Arcadia, LA 71001
James W. “Jim” Martin
Clerk of Court
Bienville Parish


Ballot Information Saturday November 21, 2015

Governor - John Bell Edwards vs David Vitter

Lt. Governor - Melvin L. "Kip" Holden vs "Billy" Nungesser

Attorney General - James D. "Buddy" Caldwell vs "Jeff" Landry

BESE District 4 - Tony Davis vs Mary Johnson Harris

Police Juror District 2 - Jerry Roberson vs Oswald Townsend

Police Juror District 6 - Chester "Mike" McCarthy vs Michael Nelson

Police Juror District 7 - Stephen Brown vs Raymond Malone


The Clerk of Court is the Chief Elections Officer in the Parish. As such, he serves as a member of the Parish Board of Election Supervisors. The Clerk is responsible for training all election commissioners and seeing that all precincts are staffed sufficiently for every election. When commissioners have been certified by the Clerk, the Board of Election Supervisors selects those who will serve during elections.


The Bienville Parish Board of Election Supervisors includes the following representatives:


Jim Martin - Clerk of Court, President


Paula Stewart - Registrar of Voters


Kathy Sims - Representative of parish Republican Party


Roy Lilly - Representative of parish Democratic Party


Louria D. Jefferson - Appointee of the Governor


Election Commissioners and Commissioners-In-Charge are selected in accordance with Louisiana Law by the Parish Board of Election Supervisors.


Date and time of certification classes will be posted on our calendar page.



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